The sandbox title Roblox was published in February 2006, but the developers responsible can still look forward to increasing user numbers. Thanks to the latest investment, Roblox has now reached a remarkable milestone in terms of market value.

When it comes to sandbox games, in which players can let off steam creatively and share their works with the community, many players will certainly first think of the brick milestone Minecraft or, more recently, of the recently published Dreams by Media Molecule. But there is a virtual sandpit that is not only older than Minecraft, but is still extremely successful to this day.

We mean Roblox from Roblox Entertainment, which was first published in February 2006 and can now be played on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox One and Oculus Rift, krnl download. The possibilities of the Lego-like modular system are almost endless. You can even change the game environment dynamically with the Lua scripting language, develop your own plugins and collect money from the developers for particularly ambitious projects.

The game’s long-lasting success proves the developers are right. If we look at the monthly reports from SuperData with the top-selling games in December 2019 and January 2020 , then we always find Roblox in the PC AND mobile charts. In August 2019 , the developers also stated that last year 100 million players would log into Roblox every month (now the number is said to be closer to 115 million players per month).

And thanks to a recent investment of 150 million US dollars, in which, according to the Wall Street Journal risk capital giant Andreessen Horowitz , is said to have taken a leading role, the market value of the game has now grown to 4 billion (!) US Dollars appreciated. Since September 2018, the market value of Roblox has almost doubled again. Investors said they see the potential of the sandbox bedrock to become a kind of metaverse (a nod to the virtual world in Ready Player One) in the coming years.

What does it look like: Have you tried Roblox before? If so: How did you like the trip into the virtual sandpit? Let us know in the comments! krnl executor download

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