The first-person multiplayer shooter Gods of Boom is one of the most successful smartphone games with over ten million downloads. Now the Game Insight studio is showing a short demo where you can view the game from an AR perspective. The developers believe it should be the future of eSports. In the future, all Goods-of-boom transmissions should take place 100% in augmented reality.

Goods of Boom goes AR with ARKit

You still have to be patient until autumn, until Apple with iOS 11 releases augmented reality via ARKit for iPhone and iPad . But it can already be foreseen that a flood of applications will be ready right from the start. According to Game Insight, one of them will be the AR mode for Gods of Boom , which the developers want to activate with the release of iOS 11 . The mode makes it possible to see fights from the “God perspective”. Players can move their iPhone or iPad freely and watch the repetition from any angle. Gods of boom game hack

Gods of Boom is available free of charge for Android and iOS and, like many such games, is financed through in-app purchases. Well with success. The company, founded in 2009, now has around 300 employees , according to VentureBeat . 50 of them reportedly worked on Gods of Boom . In the first-person shooter, players compete against each other in clans, a total of 48 weapons from shotguns to machine guns are available. Apple is the first time to its developers exhibition WWDC in June presented Arkit in iOS 11expected to be officially released in autumn. An estimated 300 million users will then be able to use augmented reality apps with positional tracking in one fell swoop. The highlight: In contrast to Google’s solution with Tango , no special hardware is required. However, ARKit requires an A9 chip or better, with which the software only works from iPhone 6s and iPad Pro / iPad 2017. Gods of boom game cheat

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