User levels are unofficial Geometry Dash levels that are created by players using the level editor. Players can like or dislike other players’ levels, rate them in stars that determine their difficulty, and comment on them (if the player has a registered account). A copy function is also available, with which players can save a copy of an online level (if enabled by the creator of the level) and edit it in the level editor.

There are also levels of difficulty in online mode. The following are available:

  • N / A (no stars)
  • Car (always one star)
  • Easy (2 stars)
  • Normal (3 stars)
  • Hard (4 to 5 stars)
  • Harder (6 to 7 stars)
  • Insane (8 to 9 stars)
  • Demon (Always 10 Stars)

Find levels

A user looking for a level must first find the search screen. To do this, click on the button on the far right of the main menu screen and then on the button in the lower right with a magnifying glass icon that contains the option “Search” in the “Create” menu. By using different search filters, the player can quickly find his desired level.

There are many different search filters and features, such as:

  • Difficulty level: A user can choose from all available difficulties. They range from Easy to Demon and include Auto and NA. The player can select certain difficulties at the same time. However, the difficulties of NA, Demon and Auto cannot be combined with others.
  • In addition to the Demon Difficulties added in Update 2.1, there is also an option to search for them. A user can do this by clicking on the Demon difficulty level and the plus sign “+” that appears after it.
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Upload Geometry Dash level

Once a level has been verified, the following steps must be followed in order for the level to be uploaded.

  • A level cannot be uploaded if it contains a start position.
    • However, if the starting position is high-detail, an exploit allows the level to be legitimately verified in low-detail mode and therefore released. In addition, the low-detail mode button can only be seen in the editor, which means that the level cannot be played with it (before update 2.11).
  • The level must have a name (once uploaded, it cannot be changed)
    • A description of the level can be left blank as this is optional. It can also be changed other than the title name.
    • If the title is left blank, it will automatically be labeled “Untitled 0” and so on.
  • The creator can request the difficulty and star value
  • The creator can enable or disable the availability of copies of the level and implement a password lock.
    • The creator can also override a level that is only available when looking for the ID
    • The creator can copy his level even if it cannot be copied #
  • Based on user ratings and recommended star / difficulty levels from level moderators, the level can receive a rating (1 creator point), a feature (2 creator points) or an epic feature (3 creator points).


  • The most liked level is Retray by DiMaViKuLov26 with 2,815,270 likes on December 10, 2017.
  • The most  liked demon level is The Nightmare by Jax with 2,037,940 likes on December 10, 2017.
  • There were more than 35 million custom levels on the server in total (some of these levels have been deleted).
  • The first level uploaded to the server is 1st level from Real Storm with an ID of 128.
    • Robert Topala uploaded the third custom level “Spike Spike” with an ID of 130. However, this level was removed towards the end of Update 2.0 due to a hacker attack.
    • RobTop uploads “Editor Example ***” levels which show examples of using different triggers and new gameplay aspects in the editor.
  • A rating level can lose its rating if Robert Topala determines that the verification was not legitimate or if the level contains a secret path.
  • When entering a name for a level, some vulgar words are converted to a hyphen.
  • At the beginning of 2.1, although the demon rating categories were available, all demon levels were rated as hard demons.
  • Before update 2.0, the XL length was not XL, but extra long, which was removed in the update mentioned. Update 2.0 also implements a feature to find XL levels that was not available in the previous updates.
  • Before Update 2.0, when a player opened a level’s comments section, there was a button next to the creator’s username that said “More”. Clicking this button allowed the player to view a list of the creator’s levels. This feature was removed in update 2.0 as RobTop supports the creation of registered user accounts.

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